Sunday, May 31, 2009

Music of the Storm (A most difficult week)

"Rain, rain
Beating against the pane!
How endlessly it pours
Out of doors
From the blackened sky
I wonder why!
Flowers, flowers,
Upspringing after showers,
Blossoming fresh and fair,
Ah, God has explained
Why it rained!"

Charles E. Cowman

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


8 years yesterday.
Still love Tim.
He loves and serves God.
He is honest and authentic.
He is a critical thinker.
He plays great guitar.
He protects me.
He doesn’t have back hair.
He has style and chooses his own clothes!
He encourages my interests and growth (not physical growth so much…more personal!!!).
He is a bit ‘green’
He ‘kisses noses’ with the girls and taught them the “Let’s go fly a kite” song.
He likes my cooking but loves his Mum’s tuna mornay.
He dreams. And so do I, of me growing old, with him.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pink Magnolia

I hope the small, tired looking magnolia tree in our garden is a symbol of things to come at our new home. Over the past three weeks we have ripped up nauseating carpet, cut away overgrown bushes, repainted yellowing walls, cleaned stinking toilets, replaced unbecoming lights, and moved in. And these delicate, gorgeous blooms flowered on the day we arrived. Now the most beautiful changes can happen in this unheeded house... the laughter in the backyard, the hiding in the cupboards, running up the hallway, finger painting on the walls (not yet though... please!), twirling in the lounge room, cupcake baking in the kitchen, splashing in the bathroom, and cuddles in the bedrooms. Come sun and watch us grow!

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