Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter and Optimism

"This dinner is disgusting"
"I'm soooo bored"
"I hate tidying"
"Get away"
"I don't care"
And it wasn't just coming from the kids.
"Ugh, I'm tired"
"This house is uninspiring"
"The noise is driving me crazy"
"Pick up your mess....PLEASE!"

By Easter Saturday, it had really got to me. There had been two (plus a few) days of negativity in our house, and my later-in-life found optimism was dissolving. Yes, once upon a time I was typically critical, cynical, and more than a dash negative (I am a realist and a thinker after all). I chose to change that thinking and I found a different, brighter enthusiasm for life. 

Not because I naively hope that my life will get better or that I will achieve that optimum lifestyle. Not even because I hope that God will orchestrate my life getting better and get me to that point of perfection. But a realisation that God can bring victory through absurd defeat. 
(He did it. The cross and the loss and the grave and the rising again.)

So on Easter Sunday I allowed that celebration of new life, of hope, of renewed spirit to filter through me and my imperfect household. It reminded me why I can have bad days and it reminded me why I can still be optimistic for the future among them. Hallelujah! 

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