Sunday, December 20, 2009

My true love gave to me: 2 Sunday skirts

When we were little our best skirts and special Grandma-made dresses were always referred to as our Sunday clothes. I guess because they were only worn to Church (and the occasional birthday dinner at 'Sizzler').
These dresses (yes, I know that I'd planned to make skirts... but skirts just don't cut it for a girlie almost-4-year-old) were made for the special occasion of Christmas! They were worn yesterday, to Church, where all the children performed an item, and they will be worn on Christmas day too.
India's is the same pattern as this dress, minus the elastic at the waist, and features some vintage style ribbon. Elara's is a made up pattern inspired by this dress, and shows off a cute babushka doll button that I found.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My true love gave to me: 11 tree decorations

Well, they are not actually tree decorations, but there is eleven of them (plus two blank ones), and they are for Christmas.
The owl pennant pattern is from Moonstiches.
Mine reads 'Love Has Come'...
the meaning of Christmas in three words.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8 great things... cheer up a sad Mama
#1 Watching your bike-pants wearing daughters dance to the 'Steps' version of 'Tragedy'.

#2 Sewing a gift (it's a pocket gnome from 'More Softies') for a secret santa swap.

#3 This verse from Proverbs 31:25, in the Bible:

"Strength and dignity are her clothing and

her position is strong and secure;

she rejoices over the future (the latter day or time to come,

knowing that she and her family are in readiness for it)! "

#4 Seeing this cute and crafty shirt (by Bec from gigglezoo) on the cute and cuddly India

#5 Reading this vintage golden book in as good a french accent as you can.

#6 India's EXCELLENT cat drawings

#7 Elara singing you these words (or her version of) from 'Halo'

"Everywhere I'm looking now

I'm surrounded by your embrace

Baby I can see your halo

You know you're my saving grace"

#8 This photo

Sunday, December 6, 2009

When the sun rose...

...the farmers set to 'work',
the rooster strutted her stuff,
the crops grew, and were enjoyed.

It was a fun barnyard party for a fun kind of 2 year old!

(and thanks to Cheryl and Cill for their pics)

Before the rooster crowed...

...we were busy on the farm,
with clothes to be sewn,
food to be prepared,

and decorations to make.

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