Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've said it before. This sweet girl is very challenged by new things: new foods; new routines; new friends; new spaces. Though I'm sure all children find adjusting tough, some (perhaps it's those ones who 'tidy' the ribbons when they visit spotlight or specify exactly how their sandwiches should be cut) find it tougher still. I'm one of those children (though now grown) who would be happier with the friends I've always had (or feel like I've always had), the home I'm used to and comfortable in, and the routine I've developed which is just right for me. Daughter like Mother. But there is still hope for Elara. We learn as we grow to challenge ourselves and branch out. I now love to travel and see new things, to try new and varied food, to transfer my 'home' to different houses, and to create new crafts and projects. She will get there too (and hopefully be even braver than I), starting with Kindy! She is attending Anne Shearer C & K at Redcliffe for 2 days a week! She is enjoying it more and more each day.
To help her on her way I made her this 'school' skirt for her first day last month, as well as a softie friend (that I'll post about next time).
She chose these fabrics for her sheets and library bag (notice the branching out's not pink!)
For getting through the first month I'm really proud of her.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where light and laughter reign endlessly

So, Elara's 'Enchanted Garden' party was supposed to be a low key event for me :) And in some ways it was a small affair: only her girl friends were invited (with just a couple of boys we couldn't do without); her costume was primarily purchased; and we visited a great store near us for all the cake's sugar flowers. But there were still enough handmade touches to keep me occupied, and Elara excited in the lead up to the party. Here are just a few ideas......easy invitations wrapped around bubbles......some simple steamers blowing in the breeze......pretty paper wrapped around bottles of water, and baskets of fruit and lollies to take home....
...treasure bags for a garden hunt......chocolate cake with sugar flowers, spearmint leaves, and wire butterflies in a 3 colour theme......and finally, just a few flowers sewn onto her leotard and a pair of wings will make any pretty girl feel like a fairy. And she did!

Century blog

I've made it to 100 blog posts! Very exciting. Thanks to Martine who inspired me to begin and told me that I could be interesting enough for people to read (when I thought I was just too dull). Thanks to Debb who followed close behind but must have at least double blogged me by now, (and who inspires me to keep blogging)! And thanks to those blogger friends new and old who have taken the time to comment (when it is so easy to read but and not say hello)!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Pink Giant

We have been eyeing off one of these retro looking 'Giant' trikes for 2 years. Finally, for Elara's 4th birthday, it was time! My instructions from Tim were clear...just don't get a pink one. And since this was not a cheap purchase, I agreed that it was wise to get a gender neutral colour (just in case there is ever a boy in our family)! So I arrived at the bike store, and discovered that the trike was no longer made in red, and that the silver one now has a blue seat, wheels and handle bars. What was I to do? I bought the silver one. But I knew that in 3 days time, when Elara saw that silver trike with a silver bow, she would not be nearly as thrilled as seeing a pink trike with a pink bow. On arriving home, Tim agreed with me. I'm very glad because on the morning of her birthday, the room was filled with shouts of "it's a bike and it's pink"!
That day I took her for her first ride, along the shore at Redcliffe. I"m sorry to say that I got more than a bit frustrated at how slowly she progressed. It was a long and tiring morning! Much to my shame, on arriving home, Tim picked up the trike and tried to turn the pedals, only to find that the bearings were all wrong and it would need to be returned. Elara had actually done a great job trying to ride a very stiff trike! So, after a quick fix at the store we tried to make it up to her with a day trip to Bribie Island and some more riding (which she is now pretty good at)!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Red and Little Blue

Both of these colour co-ordinated girls graced our gift lists this past Christmas. India looks ready to skip off to Grandma's house in this Little Red Riding Hood that I made for her. The fabric is a heavy coating fabric (that I bought for a bargain in the middle of summer), so it feels like you really are travelling in a deep, dark and cold forest! She can even take this pretty tea set (one of Elara's birthday gifts) on her merry little way.

This Children's book by Gaye Chapman is one of the best I've read (in fact it was on my Christmas list). The illustrations are delicate and beautiful and the story is simple, with a cute twist that the kids won't see coming. Find it in your library or a bookstore and have a read. It will brighten your day (especially if you're feeling a 'little blue')!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gift for a real princess

"While the girl was taking her bath, the queen had her servants make up the bed - in a most unusual fashion. She chose the most fabulous bedchamber with the most beautiful 4 poster bed. Then right in the middle of the bed she placed a tiny, tiny pea-green pea from the royal garden, then on top of the pea she piled one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve feather mattresses."
From "The Princess and the Pea" by Lauren Child, a captivating version of the beautiful fairytale, and the perfect gift to give with this set of dolls bed mattresses. These were made from large fabric scraps and some wadding, and are used daily at our house to retell the classic story of what makes a real princess.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


You might think that I have been missing for lack of something to post....not true! It has been ACTION here for the last few months. Many projects from my 12 Crafts of Christmas post have been finished off, with a few extra thrown in here and there. I'll show these in the weeks to come. But amongst these 'doings' have been many times of really 'feeling' fully human and in the midst of LIFE! Our family have experienced much in a short amount of time. We have celebrated new life, a new year and a new marriage. We have rememebered the birth of a King, and special ones now in Heaven. We have experienced sickness and starting school, birthdays and bowling!. We have had a busy 6 weeks. Thankyou for being patient and to those who've said they miss me! Can't wait to catch you up on everything.
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