Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elara's prizes...trip on a train with Aunty Lauren

We decided on Brisbane's beautiful Roma Street Parklands for our destination.
And Elara didn't mind if India and I came too!
We rode the train, for 45 minutes, with that everything-is-new-and-not-boring chatter of a three year old resonating through the carriage...'WOW! I saw something', and 'LOOK, look at that there' (mostly referring to brick walls and trees) were the most common phrases of the trip!
On arrival we took a walk around the gardens and admired the beautiful fountains and flowers.
I tried to take a 'pretty' photo of Elara amongst the flowers. Hmmmm.
We enjoyed a picnic and visited the playground. We finished with an ice cream stop. This was not the highlight. They had no cones but we figured that the girls would still enjoy it. They did, BUT, a very minimalist scoop of ice-cream in difficult to eat from cup, times four, should not equal $14!

But, all in all, a gorgeous day, and a prize well earned and well enjoyed.

Star jar

We have been all been encouraging Elara, of late, to work on a little something that she finds particularly difficult. We are using the 'star jar', and a list of picked-by-her prizes to get there. These stars are easy to make when watching some tv! Just cut the shapes from felt, blanket stitch together and stuff with a handful of poly fill.
We have found that these stars are really encouraging Elara to shine! She has reached her first two prizes and is well on the way to prize three! You'll see her unusual (but very sweet) assortment of prize choices in upcoming blogs...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Winning combos

Banana + Caramel These mini banoffee pies are made up of a shortcrust tart shell, 'real' caramel filling, a slice or two of banana, some cream, and toffee shards for a little extra height.
I rate them about zero out of ten cause I don't like bananas...but everyone else loved them!

Ginger + Lime This is a ginger cake (which smells totally divine when baking), with lime cheesecake filling and lime syrup. I rate it ten out of ten for the taste. Maybe less than ten for my presentation though!

Blessed by a bounty

I think everyone delights in a bit of unexpected love. Those gifts that aren't agreed upon, anticipated or written in the contract. Our house has brought at least three, so far. Pond with big red fish (more on this one day soon). Pink magnolia tree. And mandarins! So many mandarins. We are giving them away to everyone we know. We are eating them every afternoon. We are cooking with them (actually have tried three recipes...all of which were not good). And we are balancing every visiting child on our shoulders, to pick one especially for themselves. A great gift to us from our home.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Collecting a collection

Elara is one of those girls who drags every visitor to our home, to every room showing off all her new, or remotely new, 'stuff'. At times (and in relation to how excited she was), this has included her red quilt (3 months old), dolls house (6 months old) and even her bed (2 years old)! Fortunately for everyone who comes to our place, the current 'show and tell' is something we can all get excited about! For the last month, Elara has been creating a fairy garden in a small patch in our backyard. She used some birthday money to buy a hanging bird house and a few plants, and has spent hours outside collecting interesting things to bury and scatter on the soil. And it's looking good! Best of all for me is watching the girls rummage through nature, and waiting for those fairies to come!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I heart baking weather

I just can't go past it. It's true that we occasionally use the star or round shapes, sometimes the gingerbread man shape, sometimes even the tiny spade/diamond/club shapes. But, I find these biscuits are not nearly as satisfying or pleasurable as those stamped with that shape of love. Here are some favourite, love-inducing cookies of recent (cold) times...

Chocolate, jammy, mallow hearts.

Stained glass bikkies.

Chai hearts.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Freckles taste good. They do. I'm convinced, though, that the real attraction is that scatter of rainbow colours that make the rather regular chocolate, look sooo inviting. It was no surprise, then, that Elara picked these freckles-inspired dragonfly cupcakes (from this cookbook), to make as a gift. She really helped this time too...putting all the lollies on herself!

And, while I was in the mood, I made these trackies for India. They look so cute with this freckly bias binding (which encases the elastic), and they are less bulky up top too. You can do this with bias on the inside if you'd prefer a plain pair with a bit of wow when you put them on!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A onesie and a twosie

More pyjamas! And it's about time because it won't be too long until the warm weather returns! Firstly, a shirt and trackies for Elara (a little on the big side so will hopefully fit next year as well) in purple and orange (great colours for girls!). Secondly, an all-in-one for 'baby' Penny, who is a much loved and carried around doll (as you can see in this 'attitude pic' of India, Penny and 'New Lucy').
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