Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Collecting a collection

Elara is one of those girls who drags every visitor to our home, to every room showing off all her new, or remotely new, 'stuff'. At times (and in relation to how excited she was), this has included her red quilt (3 months old), dolls house (6 months old) and even her bed (2 years old)! Fortunately for everyone who comes to our place, the current 'show and tell' is something we can all get excited about! For the last month, Elara has been creating a fairy garden in a small patch in our backyard. She used some birthday money to buy a hanging bird house and a few plants, and has spent hours outside collecting interesting things to bury and scatter on the soil. And it's looking good! Best of all for me is watching the girls rummage through nature, and waiting for those fairies to come!

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