Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last weekend we celebrated the 3rd birthday of this cool kid, in robot style. His Mum had thought of plenty of clever food and party decorating ideas, so I had to really widen my ideas file to make our gifts robot-like.
It began with this caribena pouch filled with a few treats.

Then a picture: made, wrapped and decorated by Elara.

A robot wristband (now who hasn't wanted one of these before)!

And finally some robot cupcakes (an amateur version of these). Beware...I will only make these for very special people...they took a long time (though not so long to be devoured by hungry kids at the birthday party)!

Yes, I must have found my overdrive button after all. What a shame I couldn't just plug in to the power socket and recharge after all that crafting and baking!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tasmania Top Ten (a Mother's version)

1. Tasmanian apples straight from the farm

2. My favourite town of Dover

3. Mother's Day picnic lunch at Richmond

4. Church buildings of all kinds...grand, old and quirky.

5. Curry at Annapurna Indian restaurant.
6. Family sing-along to this cd, while driving, driving, driving...
7. Salamanca markets. Oh how I wish I'd bought a raspberry swirl meringue! Or some tempura mushrooms!
8. Breakfast on my birthday.

9. Those autumn leaves that we largely miss in Queensland

10. And best of all, time with the family.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tasmania Top Ten (Elara style)

1. Being silly with my Aunties.

2. Making a teeny tiny snowman.
3. Buying and sending postcards to my friends and family.
4. My special 'Lola' wheelie bag.
5. Seeing a real Tassie Devil.
6. Throwing snowballs at everyone...especially Daddy.
7. When the emu at the zoo pecked the whole food bag out of my hand!
8. My fairy coloring book.
9. The conservatory and carousel at the Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens.

10. Hiking with Dad

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