Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Alfresco

A child has been given,
The King of our freedom,
Sing for the light has come
This is Christmas

Happy highlights: a babe in arms; colorful Christmas; Christmas Eve Church; making a smorgastarta (cake sandwich); kid pulling crackers; amazing alfresco food; Cluedo; fabulous family; reading dating profiles made as clues for our 'secret Santa' gifts; thoughtful and loved gifts; Boxing Day rain shower.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Welcoming Tess

Tess: meaning, to harvest. 
Or to gather, receive, collect.
For nine months we waited. Tending. Preparing.
On Friday 12/12 our sweet and sleepy girl was ready for us!
Tess Story Kelly.
Born 8:45pm.
4460g (9lb 13oz), and 55cm
Eye of blue, and ash blonde hair.
Lovely, and loved!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wardrobe Nursery Reveal

One of my fears about having another baby was finding space in our three bedroom home. Larger families sometimes do 'the squash', though I think they more often move into a new and spacious place. Our best option was to convert our walk in wardrobe to a nursery for two years (or until baby is ready to bunk). 
It took a lot of culling, and moving precious hiking gear. 
It took a lot of planning and changing-of-plans.
It took some craftiness.
Here is our before:
And beautiful after!:
A fresh coat of paint.
A door removal and a curtain addition.
Baskets and fabric covered boxes.
A felt made mobile. 
New Schleich animal toys.
A watercolour artwork by my sister.

And if you are wondering where we put our clothes?
Against the wall in our room. Yes, this is the clothing collection of two people. Simplicity is wonderful!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Pow Wow Party

This girl wanted bright and bold for her birthday party this year.
She loved the idea of a Pow Wow with feathers and face paint!
And she thought a Native American 'India'n celebration was most appropriate for her!
 She picked a design for a special dress (that doubled as a Fiesta outfit), 
 and we made feather/leather accessories for the whole family. 
India's Aunty made invitations and we used this site to find Native American name meanings for all the girls invited. This was so much fun!
Gift giving time.
 Food teepees that the kids helped make before the day. Just three sticks of dowel with a bunch of feathers at the apex, and various types of wool wrapped or woven just up from the base, and then a (light weight) plate balanced in the middle.
 Jelly cups, fruit arrow kebabs, corn chips, pretzels, potato gems...
...and arrow cupcakes made for easy fare (for a very pregnant mama).
The birthday girl wanted no games, so we instead made simple headdresses.
 And picked a face paint design to have done.
 Some of the little Indians at peace.
 And making some noise!
A very easy to decorate cake with fruit tingle icing.
And colouful layers inside.
And finally, filled take home jars. One with mini m&ms and one with beads and feather charms to make friendship pins for their 'tribe'!
So much joy for my Pocahontas Princess and very beautiful friends!
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