Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Her signature look

She smiles at the camera/photographer but her eyes are not telling the same story.
I could call it the I'm-in-airy-fairy-land look?
Or the I'm-not-interested-in-this-photo-'cause-I-want-to-go-and-play look?

But as I reflect on the past year, her fourth year, I think I know what it is.
It's the I'm-not-yet-settled-in-myself look.
The I'm-finding-my-place-as-a-middle-child look.
The I'm-still-discovering-what-I-love-in life look.

I know, I know, she's just 4. But it seems to have been a significant year in her development. I can't wait to see her personality grow and steady as the next years come!

Until then, here are a few hints:

Happy birthday precious India!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

If I ever ever ever EVER open a bakery...

I'll take some inspiration from Meg Ray of Miette Pastry Shop in San Francisco.

She says: "I believe you are not a better baker by inventing more and more cakes, you are a better baker by doing a few cakes really well"

She makes: Strawberry charlotte; old fashioned cake; tomboy cake; lemon tart; chocolate sables; and this princess cake.

My version:
It started out as Miette 'hot milk' cupcakes, which flopped.
So I thought I'd turn it into a princess cake, but I had run out of fondant.
So then I just made up my own creation!

Which actually wasn't wonderful.
Clearly, I have a long way to go before I'm mastering a few special recipes!

If I ever ever EVER open a bakery...

I'll take some inspiration from Joy the Baker.

She says: "Only make it if you want to eat it"

She makes: Brown butter toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies; pumpkin pie bars; lemon meringue pie milkshakes; brown sugar bacon biscuits; and these chocolate peanut butter pretzel brownies.

My version:
Deliciously rich brownies (pre-cooked in this pic)
(Mmmm. I think that I dreamt about these once!)

And just in case peanut butter isn't your thing, here's some plain chocolate ones.
Because I want to eat them too.

Monday, November 14, 2011

If I ever EVER open a bakery...

I'll take some inspiration from Cake Boss Buddy of Carlos Bakery.

He says: "I want to go there, and floor these people with this cake"

He makes: Mega-sized cakes in the form of aquariums; subway subs; castles; cities; and even this transformer cake!
Everything he does has the wow factor.
One of his most popular cake types is a 'black and white cake' (which is essentially a checker board/round battenburg cake)
It's the favourite of his wife too.

So here's my cake boss styling coming through.
Just an ordinary chocolate cake (with toffee curls) on the outside.

With a bit of wow on the inside.
A chocolate and caramel checker board cake.
Here's a tutorial if you want to make one too.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

If I ever open a bakery...

I'll take some inspiration from Steph's (Aussie) baking blog: Raspberri Cupcakes.

She says: "I try to bring a bit of nostalgia to a recipe by channelling my favourite childhood memories of food. It doesn't always work out, but it's always fun."

She makes: Milo cupcakes; mint slice cake; pumpkin and ginger beer scones; ribena cupcakes; and this orange cake with fruit tingle icing!

And here's my version.
Sorry, I have no proper light/daytime photos.
Just imagine it looking as awesome as Stephs!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The cutest thing I've ever sewn?

A moustache.
This moustache.
Anything in miniature form is unbearably cute, but these two pirates (and in particular "Black Bellamy") just stole my heart!
I made my own pattern for these buckos, after seeing something similar online.
"Calico Jack" sports an eye patch and bandanna (presumably to cover his cut throat scars).
And "Black Bellamy" is one of the rapscallion crew, with his shaggy locks pulled under his scarf.
These mateys were made for a little landlubber who is due to arrive this month.
But aye, I reckon I be goin' to have to make a few more for my own crew!

Friday, November 4, 2011

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