Saturday, November 5, 2011

The cutest thing I've ever sewn?

A moustache.
This moustache.
Anything in miniature form is unbearably cute, but these two pirates (and in particular "Black Bellamy") just stole my heart!
I made my own pattern for these buckos, after seeing something similar online.
"Calico Jack" sports an eye patch and bandanna (presumably to cover his cut throat scars).
And "Black Bellamy" is one of the rapscallion crew, with his shaggy locks pulled under his scarf.
These mateys were made for a little landlubber who is due to arrive this month.
But aye, I reckon I be goin' to have to make a few more for my own crew!


  1. They are fab Kt!!! Handy with the hair and eye patch - don't have to sew even eyes! Hehe (Debbs)

  2. Oh! You could make a whole crew for your crew! Love you Kat Xx


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