Monday, August 19, 2013


You know those people who make things happen?
They get up on a Saturday morning and say "It's the weekend! Let's have fun together! Let's go and do something awesome!" And then they do?
I admire those people.
I am not those people.
I get up on a Saturday morning and let everyone laze around for a while, and then tidy the house, and then (it feels like) too much of the day is wasted to start doing anything awesome. And then, though I have enjoyed the company of my kids (and husband if he is not working), I haven't done anything that really invigorates or freshens up or brightens our week. Which is what a weekend should be, I think.
So I figured (since I lack spontaneity and have a fuzzy brain by the weekend), I might need to plan ahead. I might need to write a list. Get the kids outdoorsy clothes ready. Bake some take-along treats. Pack a bag. All before Saturday morning. And then, I might need to be brave and just go, even if I am solo parenting for the day.
This weekend I did. 
It was great. 
Worth it.
When India peers out of the car window and tells me what shapes she sees in the clouds.
When Zeb spends an hour throwing rocks into the creek.
When Elara makes space for her 'annoying' sister and they have a grand time finding hiding spots in the bush and running through the waves at the beach.
 With Spring around the corner, I will be getting ready for more happy weekending!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Three, and Number Two.

He is growing in speech.
I ask him "What would you like to eat?".
He says "Poo. Hahahaha".

He is growing in physical skill.
He uses a good medium pace right arm when bowling to Dad in a mini cricket game (which he also uses for smashing dinosaur toys together, pegging ice cubes into the fence/slide/outside wall, and throwing rocks at little girls). 

He is growing in creativity.
He draws dinosaurs and cars and amazing people, and makes up songs with his guitar.

He is growing in God-understanding.
His talks to God about his day and his trip overseas and baby Holly, baby Arden, and Uncle Justin (and all his airplanes) in his prayer time.

He is growing in style.
Shirts must be orange with long sleeves pushed up. Shorts win out over pants, even when it's cold. Shoes should never be worn unless threatened by Mum.

He is growing in character.
He hovers over his delightful baby cousins, touches them gently, sings them lullabies. He goes to his sisters when he needs help and helps them in return. He talks fondly of his best friends, and misses them when he doesn't see them. And, even though he is a big three year old boy, still he cuddles me and says sweet things like 
"I love you Mum. And I love poo. Hahahaha".

Happy third birthday Zebulon!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Prehistoric Celebration

It was dinosaur party time for Zeb's birthday this year.
Oh I had fun with this one!

The invitations were designed by my sister, with Zeb riding a dinosaur on the front. I don't know of any three year boy who wouldn't dream of having a personalised portrait like that!
I had a crazy idea for the party food/table, and decided to give it a go.
Instead of dinosaur shaped foods or the like, I created an (almost) completely edible dinosaur land tablescape.
I think we pulled it off! 
 On the sweet side were iced 'grass' cupcakes, oreo covered 'boulder' cupcakes, violet crumble pieces, mini mars bars, chocolate pods, pocky and wafer biscuits (held in place by chocolate fondant), chocolate rocks (yes, that's an actual candy!), and a blue jelly swamp.
On the savoury side were chicken nugget 'rocks', pretzel piles, a mini sausage roll mountain, and green vege and dip cup 'trees'.
The volcano cake (made of 'real chocolate' crackles, with icing lava) made the scene look real (and even more delicious)!
You get the picture. Yummy food. Cool kids. We didn't need much more to keep everyone happy: a game of pass the parcel; some dinosaur tails for the little boys; hair bows for lovely girls; and take home jars filled with chocolate rocks for the big kids.
 Most importantly, Zeb had a wonderful time with his besties and a day he will always remember!
 Can I hear a RAWR?!
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