Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Italiano

One of my families more recent traditions is to theme our Christmas meal.
Last year was Caribbean, and the year before was French.
This years choice was influenced by art, villas, coffee, fish, and olive groves: Italy!
My job was to make a few dishes and decorate the table (always my favourite activity!)
Buon Natale!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kelly Christmas Colour

This year our Christmas decor has changed from traditional (here and here) to rainbow!
 Our tree (borrowed from a friend so that we could upsize from a mini tree), with wool 'tinsel', hand strung paper ball garlands, coloured baubles and lights, kid-painted ornaments, and these wool wrapped stars (oh-so therapeutic to make and a good reason to sit and watch 'The Holiday'!)

 We let the kids decorate the tree here, which makes it far from shop-display-worthy, but perfect for our home!
 A quick change of string made our advent bags more colourful. They have a Little People Nativity play set piece in each of the twelve bags, and a daily Christmassy activity.
This display nativity was a second hand set that I picked up on Ebay (for under ten dollars). I spray painted all the pieces with a few coats of white, and then hand painted each piece with a bright kids acrylic paint! I plan to spray paint with a clear gloss but may not get around to it this season.
We are, after all, a colourful crazy family.
And we love to celebrate this holiday, which is so meaningful for us, in a lively way!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Picnic Party

Two Novembers ago, I felt that she was on the precipice of knowing who she was and being confident in that knowledge. A couple of years on, and she seems like a different person, though actually, she is not at all. She has become truly her. And she has grabbed a hold of it, running, smiling, laughing and with her whole heart. 
She spends her spare minutes drawing, crafting, creating.
Or dressing up and singing to her mirror image.
She notices people and what they might be feeling, and tries to make life happy for others.
She gives gifts and gets so much joy from it.
She loves friends and flowers.

So for her sixth birthday we gave her a flowery picnic with one special friend and her family. We ate her favourite foods, used fancy glasses and dined on a picnic quilt that I made for her. 
And it felt like a very special day, for a very special girl: India Eve!

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