Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kelly Christmas Colour

This year our Christmas decor has changed from traditional (here and here) to rainbow!
 Our tree (borrowed from a friend so that we could upsize from a mini tree), with wool 'tinsel', hand strung paper ball garlands, coloured baubles and lights, kid-painted ornaments, and these wool wrapped stars (oh-so therapeutic to make and a good reason to sit and watch 'The Holiday'!)

 We let the kids decorate the tree here, which makes it far from shop-display-worthy, but perfect for our home!
 A quick change of string made our advent bags more colourful. They have a Little People Nativity play set piece in each of the twelve bags, and a daily Christmassy activity.
This display nativity was a second hand set that I picked up on Ebay (for under ten dollars). I spray painted all the pieces with a few coats of white, and then hand painted each piece with a bright kids acrylic paint! I plan to spray paint with a clear gloss but may not get around to it this season.
We are, after all, a colourful crazy family.
And we love to celebrate this holiday, which is so meaningful for us, in a lively way!

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  1. The spray painted nativity is a really fun idea and looks so effective! Also, I thought of you and your blog recently when I made some saffron buns for St Lucia Day on the 13th of September. I don't think I had actually used saffron before so it felt special to see the tiny strands and taste their beautiful subtlety.


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