Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Caribbean themed Christmas


Glitterized pineapples.
Jerk ham.
Pina Coladas.
Barbecued fish.
Fresh salads.
Christmas Carols.
An inflatable palm tree.
Key Lime Pie.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Plans and a Boy

It's a non conventional Christmas lead up for us.
I would like to be decorating the house.
I would like to be making and assembling gingerbread houses.
I would like to be catching up with friends and celebrating.
I would like to be writing lists and dreaming of food.
I would like to be making merriment and enjoying the children's anticipation of Christmas.
Oh I had plans.
A trip to the ER happened. More than once.
Erythema Multiforme happened
and will be happening for a few more hot weeks.
Itching. Fever. Swelling. Bruising. 
And a boy who needs special care, happened.

So I have to lay down my Christmas plans.
Pare it back.

A baby boy.

And if that is what Christmas is all about then perhaps I'm closer than I thought.
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