Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Plans and a Boy

It's a non conventional Christmas lead up for us.
I would like to be decorating the house.
I would like to be making and assembling gingerbread houses.
I would like to be catching up with friends and celebrating.
I would like to be writing lists and dreaming of food.
I would like to be making merriment and enjoying the children's anticipation of Christmas.
Oh I had plans.
A trip to the ER happened. More than once.
Erythema Multiforme happened
and will be happening for a few more hot weeks.
Itching. Fever. Swelling. Bruising. 
And a boy who needs special care, happened.

So I have to lay down my Christmas plans.
Pare it back.

A baby boy.

And if that is what Christmas is all about then perhaps I'm closer than I thought.


  1. Oh Katherine - that looks horrible! Poor little darling!! I really feel for you too though - it's hard enough to look after healthy kids! Praying it won't plague him all summer.

  2. Will be keeping you and Zeb in my prayers. I think you're right loving your little boy is much closer than having pretty decorations and nice food - thank you for this post.
    Much love, Martine

  3. May he get a touch from God this Christmas!! Love you all and will continue to pray. Mel.


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