Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feasting and Festivities

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.
A lovely lady turned eight this week and celebrated with a medieval party.
The invitations were of Lady Elara, drawn by my sister.
The decor focused on the banquet table, spread with a collection of second hand silver goblets, cinnamon pastry crowns, and 'grown-up' tableware; and large tab top banners (made from $2/m fabric) that we hung overhead.
The costumes were reused from our most recent Abbey Medieval Festival visit.
The food was kid friendly dinner (and not particularly medieval).
For activities, Tim made a set of wooden stocks for everyone to try, and in line with the medieval tradition we threw food (marshmallows). An easy make catapult added to the marshmallow fun. A quick game of Knight, Mounts and Cavaliers used up some energy and gave everyone a laugh.
The castle cake was cookies and cream flavour ice cream, with plastic turrets (topped with chocolate covered cones and edible glitter), chocolate pebbles, wafers, felt flags and a fondant drawbridge. It was totally delicious!
The take-home bags were felt pouches, made with a button and drawstring, and filled with chocolate coins and miniature playing cards. We also had small castle charms for the girls that unfortunately didn't arrive in time.
It was a marvelous party and the Kelly Manor was honored to host the festivities!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eight Girl

She wants more of the world, 
though each piece she has, she carries on her shoulders.
Days like this day, her birthday, 
I remember that she has always been the same. 
The baby that rarely napped.
The toddler who wouldn't be nannied by the tv.
The girl writing her alphabet by three.
And asking questions about death and life and love.
The forever 'bored' Primary schooler.
And the girl ahead of her years.
She is a thinker. 
A doer.
An asker.
Ofttimes a worrier.

But if I find her engrossed in a book, or listening to her favourite song on the ipod, or in her first few hours of night time sleep, she is at odds with that girl.
Her mind is at rest.
Her cheeks so perfect and pink.
Her eyelashes long and dreamlike.
Her golden streak of hair floating past her face.
She is divine, and dreamy.

And in those moments I am reminded that she is simply my sweet girl, now eight years on from being my sweet baby.

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