Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feasting and Festivities

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.
A lovely lady turned eight this week and celebrated with a medieval party.
The invitations were of Lady Elara, drawn by my sister.
The decor focused on the banquet table, spread with a collection of second hand silver goblets, cinnamon pastry crowns, and 'grown-up' tableware; and large tab top banners (made from $2/m fabric) that we hung overhead.
The costumes were reused from our most recent Abbey Medieval Festival visit.
The food was kid friendly dinner (and not particularly medieval).
For activities, Tim made a set of wooden stocks for everyone to try, and in line with the medieval tradition we threw food (marshmallows). An easy make catapult added to the marshmallow fun. A quick game of Knight, Mounts and Cavaliers used up some energy and gave everyone a laugh.
The castle cake was cookies and cream flavour ice cream, with plastic turrets (topped with chocolate covered cones and edible glitter), chocolate pebbles, wafers, felt flags and a fondant drawbridge. It was totally delicious!
The take-home bags were felt pouches, made with a button and drawstring, and filled with chocolate coins and miniature playing cards. We also had small castle charms for the girls that unfortunately didn't arrive in time.
It was a marvelous party and the Kelly Manor was honored to host the festivities!

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  1. This blog inspired me to do a fun party for max back in feb - we did a disco party :-) so much fun!!!! Thanks for the inspiration


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