Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cherub in a Crib

Tonight I fed you, and rocked you to sleep, and lay you down to bed.
For the first time, as a one year old.
One year. Such a short time.
But enough time to show us:
You are happy
You are loving
You are adventurous and social.
You are playful and you are sweet.
You can dance and you can wrestle.
You can climb and also blow kisses.
You love blueberries, soft toys, books and pulling off people's glasses.

So when I lay you down in your crib (yes, the very same one your Pop slept in as a baby and your Grandpa helped restore), I can see the promise of the future.
The years ahead to learn you and love you.
The joy, the blessing, and the legacy which you were always designed to be a part of (even before we knew of it ourselves).

So much delight you have brought us.
Now, good night and sleep tight.
Your whole life awaits you.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Lunch Love

I am sharing this post because it is important to me. I've made it a priority in my routine as it is a way that I like to show love to my kiddos. At times I wish it wasn't. I'd love that extra half hour to do something else in the morning. Brush my hair, for instance. But I'm solid about wanting to put in a bit extra in this area.
I am sharing because it is one small success that I can feel in a crazy day. We mums need those! When 5pm is upon me, and I can only manage avocado on toast for everyone's dinner, I remember that the kids have eaten a decent lunch. When I have had a rotten school pick up and one of the kids says "I (or my friend) loved lunch today", it helps me get through the afternoon.
I am also posting this to inspire those who want to try some different things for their kids lunchboxes or those who have fussy eaters.

I am not posting this to induce guilt. That would be the equivalent of me thinking someone was pointing their finger at me when posting a selfie of themselves with awesome hair. Cool mums don't do that. I do not think lunch-making should be important to everyone! There are many experiences, opportunities and other things that a single income family must miss out on. That I have time (and will) to do this is one of my benefits in being a stay-at-home mum.
I am not posting this with any illusions about what the healthiest lunchboxes are filled with. My lunches probably don't meet certain nutritional standards. We are on a journey with that (and cutting down on sugar) too. But I know they are low on processed foods and plastic waste, imaginative (without spending excessive amounts of time), and eaten by my kids (for the most part).

These are always accompanied by a separate piece of fruit or vege and sometimes home-popped popcorn that doesn't fit in their lunchboxes. Most of the baked goods and nuggets etc are made-at-home so I know the ingredients. At certain times during the year my kids are less hungry so I put less food in (and save on wasted food). Maybe these pics can give you some inspiration for the long haul of final term

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Completely Necessary Things

My to-do list is towering over me.
Should I even list the things-that-must-be-finished (or started)?

Maybe it was escapism.
Maybe it was misplaced priorities.
Maybe honesty?

Whatever it was, this week I absolutely had to sew two tiny dresses for the two tiny bunnies of two tiny besties.
It was fun.
It was totally unnecessary.
It made the girls giggle.

Looking at the adorable playmates (both sets), I'd say it was worth it!
(They are reversible for extra playfulness!)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rockstar Party

Since this boy is a total rockstar (and owns a rocking name), this party theme was perfect for Zeb. Here are the details:

Invitations: I gave Tim a simple idea and a photo of Zeb and he created these rad invites. Fun invites set the tone as soon as they arrive in the mail. And these ones sent a ripple of excitement, no doubt!

Decorations: Layered invitations on the wall were the background for a DIY rock sign using cardboard letters and flashing fairy lights. I printed some of Tim and my favourite band shirt images, and displayed them with some converse shoes and punk Lego figurines.  

Food: Fruit kebabs displayed on foam heads (with punk styled make-up)
White chocolate shutter glasses with edible glitter (made with chocolate molds)
Orange jelly in the shape of a guitar
Other party favourites (Twisties, red licorice, sausage rolls etc)

Cake: A combined effort, with all of the gum paste shapes (lightning bolts, flames, guitars, band shirts, stars, microphone, and mouth) created by my sister. Zeb chose the colour scheme!

Activities: Decorate You Own cardboard guitar (with band stickers that we found at a clearance sale).
Pass the parcel (with mouth lollies in between wrappers, and an inflatable microphone for the winner).
Then plenty of free play!

Take home treats: Pop Rocks and shutter shades

It really was an awesome day and Zeb has wonderful friends who made it great (and big thanks to my Mum and Dad who helped at the party and in the week leading up to it).
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