Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cherub in a Crib

Tonight I fed you, and rocked you to sleep, and lay you down to bed.
For the first time, as a one year old.
One year. Such a short time.
But enough time to show us:
You are happy
You are loving
You are adventurous and social.
You are playful and you are sweet.
You can dance and you can wrestle.
You can climb and also blow kisses.
You love blueberries, soft toys, books and pulling off people's glasses.

So when I lay you down in your crib (yes, the very same one your Pop slept in as a baby and your Grandpa helped restore), I can see the promise of the future.
The years ahead to learn you and love you.
The joy, the blessing, and the legacy which you were always designed to be a part of (even before we knew of it ourselves).

So much delight you have brought us.
Now, good night and sleep tight.
Your whole life awaits you.

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