Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Four seasons in one day

Winter (the time to hibernate): 6am. Just wanted to be in bed but instead spent an hour cleaning away the peanut butter artistry all through my home.

Autumn (the harvest time): 9:30am. Grabbed some bargains at the local op shop: a parka for Elara for our upcoming Tassie trip; a kids puzzle for $1 that I hoped would have all 52 pieces (it did, and four other complete puzzles hiding inside too!); and this shirt for Elara to wear to her Easter day at Kindy this Thursday.

Summer (the blood, sweat and tears time): 1pm. Threw away India's dummies, after one very difficult and two less difficult nights without them. I'm now declaring us dummy free.

Spring (the refreshing, productive time): 3pm. Chopped off some sleeve and made Elara's shirt suitable for (Brisbane) Autumn weather. And couldn't resist creating a bunny badge to go with. Too cute.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Felt (and forgetfulness)

'Pregnant brain' has set in. Fortunately, it hasn't (as yet) affected my crafting, and I was able to make up some (disaster-free) little people gifts for the run of birthdays coming up. These barrettes were for the lovely (and cheeky) Rosie. You can find the tutorial here.

Also check out the stores of these (friend of a friend) ladies for some great accessories: Grace Designs; and My Sweet Muse.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A story about November and a story about September

A new life, in the form of a baby. After miscarrying Aven six months earlier, I was afraid, though I didn't want to be. Then, after awhile, the signs of another miscarriage arrived. Doctors, hospitals, and waiting. Weeks went by. But then some hope. A heartbeat!

It's Spring. It's colour, warmth, and cheeriness. The long winter, the dark days and the cold wait are over.

For me (in sunny Brisbane), Spring usually arrives mid-August. For me (in 41 week tradition), this baby will probably arrive mid-August. And I will know that Spring has come. And I will sing this song to our little one (which I have been singing since November, in hope)!

"Hello blackbird, hello starling
Winter's over be my darling
It's been a long time coming
But now the snow is gone"
(Josh Ritter)

Bring on Spring :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amala Hope

Light and fragile

and feathered sky-blue.

Thin and graceful,

The sun shining through.

She flies so high,

Up in the sky,

Way out of reach

of human eyes.

Lyrics from 'This Little Bird' by Jewel

Monday, March 15, 2010


Elara saying "I just don't like denim skirts anymore", was quickly followed by India saying "I just don't like denim skirts anymore". And so it continued for a couple of months, until our friend Lauren P came to visit, wearing a denim skirt with a ruffle. Hooray! A solution deemed acceptable by my very 'girlie' girls. Elara got a matching blue spotty ruffle so she can still wear it with most shirts, and India got a red and pink floral to wear with...red and pink.

I also made this flower brooch to brighten up all the dull and wintery colored clothes that I keep pulling out of my wardrobe. I'd like to make a few more, with a bit of extra ruffle next time :)

And for more girlieness, check out Ruffles and Stuff.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Now you know what I did last summer

I made 5 Bridesmaid dresses for the 5 lovely attendants to my Sister-in-law, Jem, on her wedding day. Everything was beyond beautiful. The weather was amazing, the scenery stunning, the bride radiant, the love all around, and their family so happy together. Congratulations to Jem, Terry and Rayya on making it a day to remember.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Best friends

These two lovely fairies were given to Elara by two of her 'best friends' Noah and Martine. Their names are Bramble and Willowfly and were made by Martine's clever sister Luana. Elara takes them to bed every night and to rest time at Kindy every day...except once. She was so sad about forgetting her fairies that we decided to make her another friend that would stay in her sheet bag at Kindy. Elara chose the fabric and wool to make this new sleepy friend, Abby. She is based on Topsy Turvy Tabitha by Louise at Prairie Mouse (and the pattern can be found in the 'More Softies' book). I love Louise's stuff, and especially this Mabel Monkey that I made from her pattern almost 2 years ago!

By the way, you can be one of Elara's 'best friends' too. All you have to do is have or like anything the same as her: wearing pink...best friends!; drinking a glass of milk...best friends!, love watermelon...best friends!; enjoy cuddles...best friends!; the list is never ending. She is a gem and I do hope she always gives her love and friendship just as willingly!

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