Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Four seasons in one day

Winter (the time to hibernate): 6am. Just wanted to be in bed but instead spent an hour cleaning away the peanut butter artistry all through my home.

Autumn (the harvest time): 9:30am. Grabbed some bargains at the local op shop: a parka for Elara for our upcoming Tassie trip; a kids puzzle for $1 that I hoped would have all 52 pieces (it did, and four other complete puzzles hiding inside too!); and this shirt for Elara to wear to her Easter day at Kindy this Thursday.

Summer (the blood, sweat and tears time): 1pm. Threw away India's dummies, after one very difficult and two less difficult nights without them. I'm now declaring us dummy free.

Spring (the refreshing, productive time): 3pm. Chopped off some sleeve and made Elara's shirt suitable for (Brisbane) Autumn weather. And couldn't resist creating a bunny badge to go with. Too cute.


  1. And yes Debb, my coffee with you was a good time too!

  2. CUTE!!! Actually not the peanut butter artistry so much, but the bunny shirt and badge!!! AND how awesome to be dummy free!!!!

  3. Well done with the dummy's - i'm dreading that day with Alex!


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