Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A story about November and a story about September

A new life, in the form of a baby. After miscarrying Aven six months earlier, I was afraid, though I didn't want to be. Then, after awhile, the signs of another miscarriage arrived. Doctors, hospitals, and waiting. Weeks went by. But then some hope. A heartbeat!

It's Spring. It's colour, warmth, and cheeriness. The long winter, the dark days and the cold wait are over.

For me (in sunny Brisbane), Spring usually arrives mid-August. For me (in 41 week tradition), this baby will probably arrive mid-August. And I will know that Spring has come. And I will sing this song to our little one (which I have been singing since November, in hope)!

"Hello blackbird, hello starling
Winter's over be my darling
It's been a long time coming
But now the snow is gone"
(Josh Ritter)

Bring on Spring :)


  1. Congratulations Katherine - it certainly is going to be a wonderful spring for both of us :)

  2. Yes bring on that little darling! Much rest for mama is needed first though!

  3. Congratulations Katherine! Praying for a lovely stress-free, sickness-free and joyful time for you while you await your little ones arrival.

  4. Congratulations, I bet he/she will be as beautiful as his/her sisters.

  5. Katherine!! I can't wait to meet them! Bring on the Spring! Love lots, Martine

  6. Praying that the rest of your pregnancy is problem-free Katherine!

  7. That's a beautiful song. and story. and it's inspired me to write about my own story...which is very similar in many ways. I can relate. I had fear...I now have hope. for September - or August! Bring on Spring! I'm praying for you too!!

  8. Oh Katherine. So happy. Although you are so far away, it is wonderful to share in your good news, especially knowing that I hope for the safe arrival of our first little one in September aswell. I will be thinking of you through all of this.
    Love and prayers,
    Kate X

  9. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Katherine :) Wonderful to hear that you are expecting. Sending you health and happiness - hoping that Autumn and Winter pass by trouble-free. Jan xxx


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