Friday, August 31, 2012

One Thousand Gifts: June, July, August

"I don't want my life to be how I took experiences - but that I gave exceedingly." - Anne Voskamp

A portion from three months thankful lists:

225: Watermelon dribble
240: Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness
244: Pink and yellow flowers
248: The reminder that brains are no match for spirit!
253: My girl's 'fashion sense'
260: Brie
266: This birdy birthday gift from a few years back
276: Zeb's glum face during his first hairdresser haircut
288: Babysitting a favourite boy
 288. Cousin love and sushi 
291: Mancala with the girls
294: A fulfilling life
301: Boys bonding time

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinny for my mini

A dash of sewing time.
A slice of checkered fabric.
A sprinkling of sparkly buttons.
A pinch of pretty girl.

A pinafore.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

He bangs the drums: a party

Boy parties rock.
This one was no exception!
Here are the pictures and a few details for Zeb's 2nd birthday party.
(Drum roll please...)
The front of the invites, drawn by this lovely sister.

The main attraction of the party and his gift from us. 
Second hand from Gumtree (for a third of the price as a new set)! 

The food table. 
Tim painted a blank canvas with a black and white chevron pattern to match the back of the invitations and the favour bags. I collected and cleaned tins of various sizes to hold the food. The large ones were baby formula tins sprayed with chrome paint.
I used a yellow colour scheme for the food, to bring everything together: chicken twisties; cheese sticks; passion fruit marshmallows; lemon curd tartlets; jelly and custard cups; star biscuits; buttered popcorn; pineapple; chicken mini subs; and lemonade!
 A very simple smash drum cake.
 Instead of candles, Zeb beat the drum and smashed the white chocolate disc sitting on top of the cake...
 ...which revealed a centre full of (yellow) lollies.
 We strung up a 'banging wall' so even the little ones could make some noise.
 And handed out chevron favour bags.
Most of all, it's my that kids make every party awesome!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Z marks the spot

I have been savouring the moments better with this one.
And today, I have two years worth of moments.
Boy noises, bath splashes, dirt throwing, hair spiking.
Falling asleep in my arms, hugs for sad sisters,
and the most tender kisses in the world.
Each is more precious than gold.
If Elara and India are my pride and my joy,
then this boy is most definitely my treasure.

Happy birthday my Zebulon!
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