Friday, August 31, 2012

One Thousand Gifts: June, July, August

"I don't want my life to be how I took experiences - but that I gave exceedingly." - Anne Voskamp

A portion from three months thankful lists:

225: Watermelon dribble
240: Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness
244: Pink and yellow flowers
248: The reminder that brains are no match for spirit!
253: My girl's 'fashion sense'
260: Brie
266: This birdy birthday gift from a few years back
276: Zeb's glum face during his first hairdresser haircut
288: Babysitting a favourite boy
 288. Cousin love and sushi 
291: Mancala with the girls
294: A fulfilling life
301: Boys bonding time


  1. Beautiful reminders of the lovely stuff of life.

  2. Aw! Such lovely photos! Thanks SO much for stopping by Me + the Moon! FINALLY following you back now! ;) Hope you'll stop by this weekend for my hop! Love to have you :D

    ♥Nicole @


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