Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter bonnet parade

Easter bonnet parades and Elara were always meant to be together. She loves craft. She loves costumes. She loves to celebrate. This is her first ever Easter hat, decorated by her (except for the hot gluing). The hat came from my Mum's vast collection, and the embellishments from Elara's craft box. She was so excited to wear it into Kindy today, and to see all the other creative head wear!
This squinty eye pose is Elara's favourite at the moment. It's a bit 'Dirt Girl'-esque.
And, in case you were wondering the reason for so few India photos lately, it's because this is the face she pulls every time a camera comes out. I have a whole lot of photos like this, but my posts would get a bit boring :)

She's a cheeky one.

1 comment:

  1. Great job on the hat Elara!!! As for you India... who wouldn't love that face? I know Asher's a fan!


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