Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bibs, booties and bunting

With quite a few babies arriving this year, I'm thinking about baby gifts. I admit that it's tempting to buy some of the clothing I see in the shops because it is: 1. So cute (and tiny); 2. Quick; and 3. So cute. Hmmm, those points don't even convince me when I read them back! So, my aim is to make gifts that are: 1. So cute; 2. Quick and easy projects; and 3. One-of-a-kind items. Here are a first of the many you will see on my blog this year...

($8 packet of bibs, decorated with scraps of fabric and trimming)

(These are from the Amy Butler pattern found in this book)

(With baby's name appliqued on to the flags)

Let me know if you have any baby gift suggestions for me!


  1. You know the thing that I used the most with both my kids were sleeping bags, they have the sleeves and either buttons up or zip up at the front but the bottom is just like a bag! Kinda hard to explain but you will hopefully know what i am talking about! Um... for a little girl maybe some hair bands or mittens, or for a boy, maybe a banana pillow, i always found them helpfull with breast feeding :) let me know what you decide :) Miss you xx

  2. Love the booties Katherine. Need to make Jordie a pair for winter!!!Oh and Shirley's baby once we find out what she has!Oh and thanks for that pattern the other day too, haven't started yet, but will get there soon!


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