Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rockstar Party

Since this boy is a total rockstar (and owns a rocking name), this party theme was perfect for Zeb. Here are the details:

Invitations: I gave Tim a simple idea and a photo of Zeb and he created these rad invites. Fun invites set the tone as soon as they arrive in the mail. And these ones sent a ripple of excitement, no doubt!

Decorations: Layered invitations on the wall were the background for a DIY rock sign using cardboard letters and flashing fairy lights. I printed some of Tim and my favourite band shirt images, and displayed them with some converse shoes and punk Lego figurines.  

Food: Fruit kebabs displayed on foam heads (with punk styled make-up)
White chocolate shutter glasses with edible glitter (made with chocolate molds)
Orange jelly in the shape of a guitar
Other party favourites (Twisties, red licorice, sausage rolls etc)

Cake: A combined effort, with all of the gum paste shapes (lightning bolts, flames, guitars, band shirts, stars, microphone, and mouth) created by my sister. Zeb chose the colour scheme!

Activities: Decorate You Own cardboard guitar (with band stickers that we found at a clearance sale).
Pass the parcel (with mouth lollies in between wrappers, and an inflatable microphone for the winner).
Then plenty of free play!

Take home treats: Pop Rocks and shutter shades

It really was an awesome day and Zeb has wonderful friends who made it great (and big thanks to my Mum and Dad who helped at the party and in the week leading up to it).

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