Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Faith Library

An in-home library is the stuff of my dreams.
One big room filled to the brim of books. And I would go there everyday to read for awhile, or at least to smell the books, touch the books and peruse my collection. Perhaps today a charming classic? Tomorrow some fabulous foodie-lit?
In actuality, we cannot have a huge book filled space. Instead we have pockets of books all over the house.
The loungeroom.
The kitchen.
The dining room.
The playroom.
The girls' room.
The boy's room.
My bedside table.
Even my hallway cupboard.
Not the toilet, sorry.
And this is good too. Though I might not be wowed by my huge collection, or notice them all at once, everywhere I go there are books. Right there in the background of each space, books.

So too my faith. It is not a do-it-on-Sunday-in-a-big-burst type of thing. But it impacts my everyday, and every room of my heart: my mind; desires; work (or projects); relationships; parenting; and the more hidden things that you might only sometimes get a glimpse of on this blog. God is in every part of my story. I hope as you read what I write, you might see his character. His generosity, his creativity, his patience, his sacrifice, his forgiveness, his passion, his gifts, his love for you no matter who.

In the books and the fables
In the this-is-me labels
In this is-this-me?
Is this me?
In the hear-me hear-me
In the touch-me need-me
find-me need-me
In the aching pain
In the love
In the music
In the beats
And the taste
In the heat
In the need
And the need 
for embrace
In the colour 
In the gaze
In the meaning
The desire
In the flame
Of the voice
And the spirit
Of the fire...

It is (God) you seek.

The clip: YHWH
The poet: Sh'maya

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