Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Handmade #6

For the boys (or really it could be for the girls, but this one was for my boy). He was going to a Star Wars party. He likes dressing up (I think it's in the genes). He chose Han Solo. With good intentions to make him an outfit, but no realised costume (or spare time) by the day before, it wasn't promising. And then I heard Han's voice say 'Never tell me the odds'*, and I decided to get ultra creative. I went to a dollar store and Big W to get supplies:
Black pants;
Black gum boots;
White skivvy;
Tea bags;
String of brown leather;
Red dog leash;
Plastic gun;
as well as a black vest from home;
and brown leather belt and gun pouch from the dress-up collection.

At home I just took three shorts steps to finalise the costume.
Firstly, I used the tea bags to stain his skivvy the perfect colour (honestly, a fluke!), and I cut a small opening at the front.
Then I hot glue gunned the dog lead to the side of his pants and added stripes with a sharpie pen (this didn't ruin the pants, the red pulled straight off after).
And finally, I used the caribeena (from dog lead) and some leather strapping to hang the gun pouch from the belt.

Oh, and added an ewok sidekick too...

* Artistic licence taken. Haha.

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