Monday, November 14, 2011

If I ever EVER open a bakery...

I'll take some inspiration from Cake Boss Buddy of Carlos Bakery.

He says: "I want to go there, and floor these people with this cake"

He makes: Mega-sized cakes in the form of aquariums; subway subs; castles; cities; and even this transformer cake!
Everything he does has the wow factor.
One of his most popular cake types is a 'black and white cake' (which is essentially a checker board/round battenburg cake)
It's the favourite of his wife too.

So here's my cake boss styling coming through.
Just an ordinary chocolate cake (with toffee curls) on the outside.

With a bit of wow on the inside.
A chocolate and caramel checker board cake.
Here's a tutorial if you want to make one too.


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