Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elara's prizes...trip on a train with Aunty Lauren

We decided on Brisbane's beautiful Roma Street Parklands for our destination.
And Elara didn't mind if India and I came too!
We rode the train, for 45 minutes, with that everything-is-new-and-not-boring chatter of a three year old resonating through the carriage...'WOW! I saw something', and 'LOOK, look at that there' (mostly referring to brick walls and trees) were the most common phrases of the trip!
On arrival we took a walk around the gardens and admired the beautiful fountains and flowers.
I tried to take a 'pretty' photo of Elara amongst the flowers. Hmmmm.
We enjoyed a picnic and visited the playground. We finished with an ice cream stop. This was not the highlight. They had no cones but we figured that the girls would still enjoy it. They did, BUT, a very minimalist scoop of ice-cream in difficult to eat from cup, times four, should not equal $14!

But, all in all, a gorgeous day, and a prize well earned and well enjoyed.

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