Sunday, August 2, 2009


Ahhh. This week I finally ignored the i-have-to-sew thoughts, and delighted my desire for some fun and (mostly) purposeless projects! Hence Albert the monkey, who is modeled on a pattern by Fiona at Hop Skip Jump, and also found in the first softies book . I must say, though I've used the template of the pattern, I have not kept the original gentlemanly personality of Fiona's lovely Albert. My Albert is a little more rambunctious! Strong, beige fur gave way for super stretchy red and white stripes. Pants and braces gave way for a tail just right for swinging. And after two days of being thrown around, danced with (wildly), swung, sung about, and cuddled, I don't think I could say the Albert project was purposeless after all!

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