Saturday, August 15, 2009

My sewing spot

I can't believe that I have had a sewing machine for over 10 years and have never, until now, had a permanent place to store it and sew! About 4 months ago, I found this old desk, painted purple and apricot (blah!), by the side of the road.

So I added a few coats of pale blue paint, some stripey paper for the drawers, and found some space to put it in our new place...and here it is!

I tried it out today and I love it. So liberating to NOT have to put your gear away after every stint of sewing... So wonderful to have a space dedicated to creativity... So can't wait to sew there as much as I can!


  1. It looks great! It is so good to have a spot like that. I finally have my own corner of the house where I can leave things and know no one else is going to want to use it. I managed to get a horn sewing cabinet off free cycle to use also.
    My sewing corner isn't as neat as yours is. I have too much of a material/pattern stash!

  2. Oh...well this could be a little deceptive! I have a load of fabric and assorted crafty stuff behind the doors of a wardrobe in the spare room! That way I can keep it as sorted or as messy as I like :) Will have to catch up sometime and check out your 'spot'!

  3. Hi Katherine.
    From kerb clutter to sewing savvy - I am impressed with your desk makeover. It exudes a little bit of vintage and romance which is so fitting for a sewing space.
    I hope you spend many inspiring and uninterrupted (!) hours in that space.
    I couldn't help but notice how well that fabric book on the shelf added to the charm of your space:)
    Cill x


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