Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Red and Little Blue

Both of these colour co-ordinated girls graced our gift lists this past Christmas. India looks ready to skip off to Grandma's house in this Little Red Riding Hood that I made for her. The fabric is a heavy coating fabric (that I bought for a bargain in the middle of summer), so it feels like you really are travelling in a deep, dark and cold forest! She can even take this pretty tea set (one of Elara's birthday gifts) on her merry little way.

This Children's book by Gaye Chapman is one of the best I've read (in fact it was on my Christmas list). The illustrations are delicate and beautiful and the story is simple, with a cute twist that the kids won't see coming. Find it in your library or a bookstore and have a read. It will brighten your day (especially if you're feeling a 'little blue')!


  1. I must read Little Blue next time I am over. Also, I see blogging in the middle of the day agrees with you! ;)

  2. I love the photos Katherine! That is such a lovely book! :)Martine


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