Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've said it before. This sweet girl is very challenged by new things: new foods; new routines; new friends; new spaces. Though I'm sure all children find adjusting tough, some (perhaps it's those ones who 'tidy' the ribbons when they visit spotlight or specify exactly how their sandwiches should be cut) find it tougher still. I'm one of those children (though now grown) who would be happier with the friends I've always had (or feel like I've always had), the home I'm used to and comfortable in, and the routine I've developed which is just right for me. Daughter like Mother. But there is still hope for Elara. We learn as we grow to challenge ourselves and branch out. I now love to travel and see new things, to try new and varied food, to transfer my 'home' to different houses, and to create new crafts and projects. She will get there too (and hopefully be even braver than I), starting with Kindy! She is attending Anne Shearer C & K at Redcliffe for 2 days a week! She is enjoying it more and more each day.
To help her on her way I made her this 'school' skirt for her first day last month, as well as a softie friend (that I'll post about next time).
She chose these fabrics for her sheets and library bag (notice the branching out's not pink!)
For getting through the first month I'm really proud of her.


  1. Don't worry my dear friend! I will pray that she finds a special friend who will help her on this journey of adjusting. One who will gently push her on to new and exciting things whilst holding her hand for as long as she needs! (Then one day she will be the one guiding the other friend - I know two friends like this... ;))

  2. Hey kathrine, i have only just started following you, although i used to just look now and again on what was happening with you all! Jiedyn started preschool this year too, he loves it and when i go to pick him up he always has something new to show or tell me about his day. At home i find myself watching the clock the whole day waiting for him to come home because its so quiet without him!

  3. Hooray for Elara loving Kindy so far KAtherine, so glad to hear its going well. With a special skirt and softie friend though, how couldn't it!! You're a great Mum!

  4. Congratulations Elara on starting kindy - so glad you are enjoying it. I love blue, so i'm a big fan of your sheets and bag - just gorgeous!


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