Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Pink Giant

We have been eyeing off one of these retro looking 'Giant' trikes for 2 years. Finally, for Elara's 4th birthday, it was time! My instructions from Tim were clear...just don't get a pink one. And since this was not a cheap purchase, I agreed that it was wise to get a gender neutral colour (just in case there is ever a boy in our family)! So I arrived at the bike store, and discovered that the trike was no longer made in red, and that the silver one now has a blue seat, wheels and handle bars. What was I to do? I bought the silver one. But I knew that in 3 days time, when Elara saw that silver trike with a silver bow, she would not be nearly as thrilled as seeing a pink trike with a pink bow. On arriving home, Tim agreed with me. I'm very glad because on the morning of her birthday, the room was filled with shouts of "it's a bike and it's pink"!
That day I took her for her first ride, along the shore at Redcliffe. I"m sorry to say that I got more than a bit frustrated at how slowly she progressed. It was a long and tiring morning! Much to my shame, on arriving home, Tim picked up the trike and tried to turn the pedals, only to find that the bearings were all wrong and it would need to be returned. Elara had actually done a great job trying to ride a very stiff trike! So, after a quick fix at the store we tried to make it up to her with a day trip to Bribie Island and some more riding (which she is now pretty good at)!


  1. super dooper trike! I used to have one a bit bigger. It was blue found at the dump by my dad and we had it for years may even still be at my mums house if I looked. Aaahh memories! Glad a good day was had.

  2. I love these trikes as well - saw one in a shop when Alex was about 12 months and wanted it!! Happy 4th Birthday Elara - glad you enjoyed your pressie!


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