Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A home away from home

This past weekend, we visited a beautiful home in Gympie. Just a few days away here offered a wonderful chance to take in the rolling views from the verandah, enjoy some organic food, be inspired by books, talk about life, watch the children play in the garden, and feel a bit of freedom from the everyday. While I didn't get to spend all my moments pampering and indulging myself as I had hoped, I learnt some valuable things, which have been freeing in their own way. So I thought I'd share a little...

One of my daughters particularly struggled with the change from home to holiday. I know this is usual for children, but it shocked me to see the effect on her. I realised that the divide between my home and this home in which peace and fulfillment resonated, was very wide. My home and lifestyle must be vastly different from what I would like it to be. In my heart I value simplicity, creativity, play and resting, yet my day-to-day living is full of thoughts about bigger and better and about things to be done.

For now I might just dwell on these things (rather than develop a plan of action), and be thankful for a weekend of insight (and rolling views, and organic food, and books and friends). Thanks to John, Sandy, Martine, Noah, Kim, Lachlan, Sophie and William :)

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