Saturday, November 21, 2009


A story. In my first pregnancy I had no food cravings: no fried chicken at midnight; no gherkins with ice-cream; and no doughnuts dunked in coffee. But I did have a desire for everything to be pink. I changed my home decor. I baked pink cupcakes. I bought myself pink clothes. I still didn't guess that I was having a girl. But Elara was born, and the pink has remained!

"Pink as pigs,

Pink as toes,

Pink as a rose,

Or a baby's nose"


  1. Have felt a bit under the weather the last two days but seeing "Pink" as your blogs title today has totally perked me up!!! I think I need a day of pink!

  2. what pretty photos! I never had any food cravings either, just serious aversions to most foods. Pretty sure those pink cupcakes would have gone down alright though:)


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