Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To top it off

She doesn't drink alcohol. She doesn't gamble. She doesn't ride horses (yet). But she DOES love hats. So, our Melbourne Cup Day tradition is to craft a pretty hat and wear it while watching the race on television... except last year we missed the race by about 2 hours. Oh, and this year we missed it by about 5 minutes. But only because we were too busy taping feathers, winding ribbon and carefully balancing beads! Elara began by making one for herself , fashioning a regular tiara into this fascinator of grand proportions.

She went on to make a very colourful creation for Aunty Loz which she called the 'scarecrow hat'. Very Melbourne ;)

We had little time to fashion something to make my head look good, and as India was sleeping during the crafting of hats, she wore a bridal veil when the time came (of which there will be plenty of photos of one day). But I do have a pic of last years hat...

So, we all looked very lovely. And in our household, that is the reason for the Melbourne Cup!


  1. Oh how nice - maybe next year we could come and Asher could wear either a suit and tie or a jockey outfit! PS have already thought of something for him to wear to India's b'day!

  2. Its settled then - next year I'm coming to your place for MC - I want to make my own crafty hat!! Looks like it was a fun day:)


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