Thursday, November 12, 2009

All the things she says...

I only like Mummy today.
(Dad: Not even Daddy? Ice-cream? Pretty dresses? Watermelon? Your fairy garden? What about Julie’s party?)
Well I only like Mummy, AND Julie’s party.
(Not even Daddy? What about the playground? Dancing? Kid’s church? Your blankie?)
I like Mummy, AND Julie’s party AND my blankie, but that’s all.
(Next day) I only like my home today. Not Mummy or Daddy, just my home. *Sigh*

(Mum: Where has your toothbrush gone?)
Maybe it’s down the river or in the stream or maybe it’s lost in the middle of nowhere?

(Walking into Bunnings, spots a speed bump sign)
Oh look, they have hats here in this shop!

Can we go to school today Mum? I want to go to school every every every kind of day.

(After a morning of sunny outside play) What are all those sprinkles in my eyes? It must be fairies flying all around. Maybe they are flying inside my eyes with tinsel so it looks all sparkly.


  1. Do you know I treasure all those things that she says! They make me want to laugh till my sides hurt but also make me cry cause they are so darling and unique just like she is... I love you funny girl! The hat comment to this day will always be my favorite though - along with the "Crazy, crazy conga we all had to endure in Bunnings that day!"

  2. Eli says "it must be in the middle of nowhere" too, I often think, what that place must look like in their imaginations. Just all the lost things in an arid nowhere land!

  3. Thanks for the laugh Katherine - This post is such a treasure!


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