Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Candy Store

It's unusual to have a baby shower for your third baby. But since each of our children have been anticipated as much as the others, I've always thought we should have a celebration for each. Baby one was 'morning mocktails'. Baby two had a 'gelati party'. For baby three we opened a 'candy store'! It was the best way I could think of to involve the girls and to get them (even more) excited about our upcoming arrival. The day went a little like this...
Visitors arrived and were welcomed by the friendly candy shop staff.
They were each given some 'baby dollars' to spend... the store!
They chose from a selection of home-made candy: fairy floss; peppermint creams; freckles;...
...turkish delight; sherbert spoons; orange sticks; chocolate fudge; marshmellow & sherbert cones;...
...pistachio nougat; peanut brittle; honeycomb; coconut ice; and marshmellows.
Then the shopkeepers charged whatever they thought was appropriate! (We did overhear Elara at one point..."wow, you've got lots! That's one hundred and forty please"!)

Then everyone was left to enjoy the food and make some predictions about the baby. It was so much fun, and a great celebration for this 'sweet' one soon to arrive!


  1. Hi there Katherine! Your candy shop baby shower looks fantastic!! Hope your having a great day and wish we could have made it!

    Love Martine

  2. Ah such a wonderful day! I'm STILL eating leftover peanut brittle haha!

  3. Gives me a sugar rush just looking at the pictures!

  4. Ohhh I was hoping for leftover peanut brittle the other day when I visited - now I know who took it! YUM!

  5. Home made fairy floss hmmm...recipe please! It all looks so divine, well done! Not long now till number 3, I'm sure you and all your family can't wait to meet this new little blessing :)

  6. I love love love it! looks like the girls did a gorgeous job as the shop keepers! Just thought I would let you know too I have finally found a fantastic church! after 3 years! This kids love everyone and I think this is where we were meant to be! I am a single mum again now, I love it! and am so much happier.. was wondering about your views on homeschooling? message me on facebook Kat x Love you


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