Monday, December 6, 2010

Costumes and characters

Before I start into this blog post you should know that I have a particularly well resourced family when it comes to costumes. My Mum has two rooms stocked front to back, top to bottom of costumes and fun dressing up clothes.

From day one India wanted to dress up as a clown, and we had a bright and silly costume all ready. Of course she changed her mind less than a week before the party (I'm grateful could have been 5 minutes before...she is a girl after all), and wanted to come as a ballerina. So she got a pink tutu dress for her birthday (and she looked mighty cute in it)!
We all had a chuckle when Elara announced she wanted to dress as the ringmaster as she loves to organise and be the boss. But when I showed her some ideas for her costume, she realised that the ringmaster wasn't who she thought he/she was! What she had imagined was dressing as a marching girl. So I borrowed this box pleated skirt from my Mum's collection and made a uniform vest to match. She looked really grown up and was pretty good at baton twirling too!
My sister - a beautiful bareback rider, and my Dad - perfectly pulling off the ringmaster look.
We didn't think this one through... Tim was a bit scary for some of the children!
Justin wowed the kids with his stilt walking skills.
And my Mum helped out by 'selling' mini hotdogs.
More soon to come...


  1. A pretty fine look of performers I think!

  2. Oh Katherine, that family photo looks just so natural for you all. Hilarious! Yes Tim does look a little scary, but as least he knows now what he would look like with red hair. As for the birthday girl, I have never seen her look more like you than in that perfect pic. Its not often we see the girls look so picture perfect. Even Elara has the perfect picture face!!!


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