Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fresh air


  1. Note to self: Do that with the family, on a gorgeous day like this, one day soon! Where did you go?
    Oh, and I love the photo with the guitar! Is that yours? Or Tim's? Do you both play?

  2. Oh yes go! We don't do it nearly enough. We went up Mt Mee, just before Dayboro. We stopped and set up our picnic at a nice spot by the side of the road!
    I would love to be musical but I'm not at all! Tim is really good on the guitar and Elara asked for this 1/4 size guitar for her birthday a few months ago. She loves it!

  3. Gorgeous photos KK! Glad you got to have some full family time!! The picture of Elara is gorgeous!!! As are all the others too of course ;)

  4. You are a brilliant photographer. These are amazing, as is the Sports Day shot of Zeb. Is there anything you can't do?! ;)


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