Thursday, December 8, 2011

Report card

She has completed her prep year of schooling.

She has learned to read fluently.
She has made friends.
She has grown 8cm.
She has managed a flip on the hoop swing.
She has received glowing reports from her teachers.
She has had head lice.
She has walked around the playground feeling alone.
She has heard "You're not my friend any more".
She has held her words and not said it in return.
She has danced on parade.
She has sung in the choir.
She has borrowed books.
She has played in the sandpit.

She is a real school girl now.
And I'm very proud of her!


  1. Well done Elara :) That missing tooth looks great too!! Hope you get some Quality time with Mummy and Daddy on the school holidays and have a nice relaxing (feet up) kind of Christmas!! xoxo

  2. Ohhhh! Me too! Looking forward to seeing you everyday next school year!!!

  3. I got head lice once back when I was a teacher. I had super long hair, and my husband combed every dead louse out of my hair one by one, and there were probably a thousand. LOL


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