Saturday, March 31, 2012

One thousand gifts: March

"All the minutes, they will have enough troubles of their own, but the days with this man, these kids, have enough joy, these days have more than enough Jesus - if I can see" Ann Voskamp

A portion from this months thankful list: 

107. The call of 'Mama' in the still of the night
115. A rainbow of macarons
119. New shoes as a reminder that my children are growing into young men and women

125. Finding meaning in a surprising place, when you are too exhausted to search for it.
126. An Op shop bargain 

127. Warm shower washing over me
131. The desire to be alive.
134. My Aunty Hed's laugh
140. Homemade dumplings

141. A growing love for my husband, even when life is tougher than ever
142. The first craft of the holidays

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