Saturday, July 28, 2012

भारत प्यार: Common people

Much of our time in and around Delhi was spent meeting locals and visiting missions that provided care or medications in clinics, rural hospitals; and orphanages. While they all noticed us (three young and fair skinned  ladies, including two with gorgeous blonde hair!), a few in particular made impressions on me:
All the beautiful women with little money who dress in colour and are so proud of their children;
The mother who visited the local clinic, saw us, left, and returned with her newborn for us to hold;
The children from the rice growing community who sang and performed for us;
The boys finding any spare patch of dust to play cricket in;
This group of English speaking young people who befriended us, made us laugh and feel welcome;
The market sellers who followed and bartered with us;
The children in the orphanages who are looked after with so few resources. Many share their crib with another; 
The cherished boys with painted eyes to protect them from evil;
Kara, our Aussie-living-in-Delhi who hosted us, looked after us, taught us (and picked us up from the airport at about 4:30am!);
The homeless mum, just hours from death, and her toddler at the train station.


  1. Please, do you know the blonde woman's name in photo "group of English speaking" ? That you are with your head on her shoulder ? I think that I know her. She lives in India? Thank, Jeff.

    1. Hi Jeff, this young lady is a friend of mine from Australia. She visited India a few years ago, but doesn't live there. Must be someone else!


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