Saturday, September 22, 2012

Losing 10 kilos

This is not something I would usually share on my blog.
It's personal. 
But I'm proud of this and how I did this.
So I'm revealing, sharing, hoping that someone else might be encouraged.

Who: 32 year old Mum of three. 172 cm tall. 72 kilos.
Why: I had put on 15-20kilos during pregnancy. I didn't want try dropping that weight until after I'd finished breastfeeding (too hungry!). 
When: At about the same time that Zeb was weaned, my sister got engaged.Yes, I wanted to look good for family photos. That set my timeframe to one year - September 2012. 
What: Setting a goal weight was easy. I picked my pre-babies weight of 60kg, and added 2 kg (we've got to give ourselves a little leniency ladies!). That meant 10kg in 12 months. Very do-able.
How: The right way. Hard core diets, restrictive healthy eating and heavy exercise certainly have their place for those with more weight to lose, but not for me. I was not that far from my suggested BMI, but I didn't feel good and I didn't have great habits. So, I needed to take the time and change my lifestyle. 
  • I used Myfitnesspal (a food journal app) to track my eating. I counted calories, with a 1400 daily limit. Fortunately I am way too hungry a person to abuse this kind of strategy. There was no way I could just eat as I usually did and then stop when I reached my daily limit. 
  • I cut down a little on the amount I was eating (this was probably natural anyway, as I had stopped breastfeeding), but mostly just cut out a few bad foods. No more second breakfast. No dessert after dinner (except if we were eating with others. I didn't need/want to make a big deal about my food rules around others. This can make them feel bad or take away from the community atmosphere of sharing a meal!). I switched my dark chocolate snacks to 70% dark chocolate snacks (same calories, less sugar). Never drank soft drinks. Always ate a healthy lunch. Enjoyed the apples and carrots.
  • I did daily exercise. Wii dance is about the best thing around for stay-at-home mums! Dancing (energetically) to 4 songs is about the same calorie loss as a half hour jog. I know which I'd prefer. The kids always joined me and we enjoyed it together (c'mon who doesn't want to sing and dance to 'Pump Up the Jam' with their three kids)!
  • I started a weekly adult ballet class with my sister and a friend. I started because I like to dance and because I would love the long lean body of a dancer!  
  • I took a few month long breaks to see how I could maintain the weight I was at. And I did. Suprisingly, it only took 6 weeks of changed habits for me to start wanting to eating right. Now I can go without food logging/calorie counting and I find I am (mostly) choosing the right foods and maintaining my weight. 

Outcome: The last 2 kilos were very stubborn, and at the wedding I was 0.6kg from my goal. But I am there now. At 62kg! The best outcome has been the one I mentioned above. My habits have changed and I feel better about my everyday choices (most days). Now, I have set a new goal. It is less about the weight and more about my body shape. After carrying three rather large babies past 40 weeks each, I suffered significant diastatis (where stomach muscles don't heal or return to normal and you tend to carry extra weight around your belly). Well, I want it gone! Unfortunately all the usual stomach exercises make it worse, so I have begun this program. 
Stay tuned.
Dancer's body here I come...


  1. Well done! I have discovered this life changing method also and have dropped almost 4kg. You are looking great also.

  2. Proud of you Katie xx Good on you sister!!


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