Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aga oven dreams

We've been dreaming of a tree change for a couple of years 
(maybe more?)
Plenty of families do. 
Escaping the stress, the rushing, the 'neighbourhood', the extra-curricular activities, and their everyday normal.
Just dreams, right?
But this one is is sticking. And we are thinking seriously. 
Talking, investigating, planning and dreaming. 
It can get overwhelming. 
So I need to lay out why. Keep a hold of it. 
Make sure it's not lost in the dream chasing.

I want my daughter with asthma & eczema to breathe fresh air.
I want to raise creative, imaginative children who have room to run and dance and explore outside.
I want my kids to learn resilience. To learn to cope with a new home, school and friends.
I want creation to feature in my 'everyday', 
and to remember to worship it's Creator.

I want family time to be defined. (Yes, a tree change will mean Tim living away from the family for the working week, which we do currently anyway. But work-free weekends? Wonderful!)
I want to grow veggies. I want to eat simple and fresh.
I want less stuff to occupy the brain of my "I'm bored" daughter, and more adventure to occupy her heart.
I want a house that needs colour, love and laughter.
I want to practice some real hospitality. We will be far from family and those we love. It will be hard. But it will be so pleasing to say 'Come and visit us. Rest. Renew.'

And one last thing. 
I want simple, but not the easy road.
I always do.


  1. The dream of many Katherine... go for it! I pray and hope it goes well for you.

  2. Love it Katherine! I would love to too! I hope your dream becomes a reality :) we would LOVE to visit! :) Martine

  3. I am your biggest supporter here! (Suprisingly) But whilst I would miss you and wonder how I will ever cope without you, I am cheering you on and truly hope this dream turns to reality! x


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