Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Japanese Sleepover

It was my first time as 'sleepover host'. 
Four beautiful girls. 
Some Japanese food. 
Some crafting. 
And six and a half hours sleep (for them).
It was awesome!
Here are the smaller details that made it fun...
 The invitations were written by Elara, and were accompanied by a pair of Japanese style pyjamas for each girl. I thought it would be cute to see matching girls asleep (hopefully) on their bed of mattresses! The fabric only came to $4.20 for each pair so it's not as extravagant an idea as you might think!

They painted some dollar store fans to use throughout the night.

The table all set and ready, using noodle boxes, chopsticks, fans, origami paper, Japanese doll serviettes, and a bamboo steamer for serving.
Dinner was store bought sushi, sandwich sushi, and spring rolls.
With cupcakes for dessert!

They decorated cherry blossom canvases in the morning. My sister pre-painted the branches, and the girls used a flower shaped stamper with origami paper to make the flowers. Then they glued them on (all very differently) with pretty results.

It wouldn't be a party without some sweets!
 I made these sushi treats from white chocolate crackle, and added lollies, sprinkles, rolls-ups and white chocolate 'mayonnaise'.
Then they all left (tired and happy) with their crafts and a few extra Japanese treats to remind them of their fun and colourful night.

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  1. i've never commented on your blog before but i've been checking in every now and then for years now! i just wanted to say how wonderful your kids parties are. always so inspiring and cute and best of all - mostly homemade! you are a very clever mum :)


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