Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Blue Giant

Three years ago, we bought Elara a pink trike.
We had two girls that loved pink.
We were yet to discover we were expecting a boy.
A boy who loves blue.

As the girls grew out of the trike and into their own two-wheelers, we knew it was time to pass the trike on to another family with girls. Or maybe not? We had really loved this little Giant. So, I decided to revamp it instead.
I pulled the trike to pieces.
Cleaned up as much of the rust as possible with wet alfoil.
Used masking tape to cover all the unpainted steel.
Spray painted the pink with metal primer.
Spray painted the primer with blue. Twice.
Put the pieces back together.
Tim shaped a new footboard out of wood, which we stained and attached.
Finally, we personalized it so that Zeb would know this trike was all for the boy!

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